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Friday, March 04, 2005

Have you seen something new on your Paycom join forms?

Epoch has begun its reach into the United Kingdom by adding two new card types to its list of accepted payment methods., a High Risk Internet Payment Service Provider (HRIPSP), is now accepting Switch and Solo - two additional electronic payment types which target the markets in the UK.

Switch, which began business in 1988, and Solo which started in 1997, currently have over 29 million cards in circulation. Both cards may be used on the Internet to make purchases with merchants who display their logos. Both card types have been added to all Paycom payment acceptance forms.

Switch and Solo are two of the most recognized payment types in the UK and Paycom is currently the only U.S. HRIPSP to accept this card type. Integration of Switch and Solo is seamless to our clients who will not need to affect any changes to begin accepting these new card types.

Use of the Switch card is expected to grow significantly as it is re-branded internationally as Maestro, and saw card volume top 68.7 billion British Pounds in 2003, or roughly $130 billion in US dollars. Paycom also accepts the Switch/Maestro card type.

In the UK, plastic expenditure has overtaken cash for the first time and debit cards now account for two-thirds of all plastic card payments.

Epoch Clients:  What do you need to do?

To begin accepting Switch and Solo as a payment method, there is nothing you need to do. The logos have been added to the card collection screen which appears on our server. You can now accept the additional card types without doing a thing.

However, this is a new service through Paycom and we are the only HRIPSP accepting these card types. This provides opportunities for affiliates who can target specific surfers in the UK but it is also important that your websites inform your UK customers that your sites can accept the Switch and
Solo cards.

We’ve given you the acceptability, now make the most of it.

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